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A new service provided by Al-Arab Electronic Newspaper mediates between Arab businessmen and investors and Chinese companies, playing an important role in facilitating trade and investment transactions between these two sides. It works to provide the following services:

1. *Search and guidance*: This service helps Arab businessmen search for commercial and investment opportunities in the Chinese market. This service includes market analysis and consultations on promising sectors.

2. *Communications and Networking*: The service provides means to build relationships with suitable Chinese companies and investors. It can also provide access to potential funding sources and partners.

3. *Negotiation and documentation*: You arrange and conduct negotiations between the parties involved and draw up agreements and contracts appropriately. Contributes to ensuring the client's interest is achieved.

4. *Follow-up and support*: After agreements and investments, it provides continuous follow-up services to ensure that deals are successfully implemented and any problems that arise are resolved.

5. *Translation and cultural understanding*: We provide translation and cultural understanding services to alleviate language and cultural barriers between parties.

In short, the service facilitates cooperation between Arab businessmen and Chinese companies by providing specialized services that help achieve success in cross-border business and investments.

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