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19 medals for girls in rhythmic gymnastics at the “Hungary International”

The Kuwaiti girls' rhythmic gymnastics team shined in the Hungarian International Championship and won 19 medals, including 6 gold, 6 silver, and 7 bronze, after a strong competition with players representing advanced countries in the game such as Estonia, Slovakia, Lithuania, Austria, Venezuela, Egypt, and the host country, Hungary.

19 ميدالية لفتيات الجمباز الإيقاعي في "هنغاريا الدولية"

The medals for the team led by Ukrainian coach Irina Kovalchuk came from players Sarah Al-Bannai, Raya Al-Qassar, Nabila Al-Kharafi, Layan Behbehani and Talia Behbehani, who participated in the first-level competitions.

Sarah Al-Bannai (born in 2012) won two gold medals in the hoop and ribbon, two silver medals in the general individual and the ball, while Raya Al-Qassar (born in 2013) won two gold medals in the freestyle and ball, a silver in the general individual, and a bronze in the ball.

Nabila Al-Kharafi (born in 2013) won two silver medals in the mace and freestyle and a bronze in the hoop, while Layan Behbehani (born in 2011) won a gold in the ribbon, a silver in the ball, and two bronze in the mace and general individual, while Talia Behbehani (born in 2014) won a gold. Freestyle performance and 3 bronze medals in ball, hoop and overall individual.

The Kuwaiti Federation congratulated the team’s champions on this new achievement, which confirms that the level of rhythmic gymnastics for girls is constantly developing, praising the efforts of the players and their insistence on achieving victories and honorably representing Kuwait in this international forum. The Federation also praised the efforts of coach Irina in preparing the players until they reached this distinguished level. .

19 ميدالية لفتيات الجمباز الإيقاعي في "هنغاريا الدولية"



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