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19 people were arrested in 14 cases in possession of 10 kg of various drugs

The Criminal Security Sector, represented by the General Administration for Narcotics Control, was able to arrest 19 people of different nationalities in 14 separate seizures, in possession of about 10 kilograms of various drugs (hashish, shabu, marijuana, heroin), 9,914 psychotropic pills, and sums of money as proceeds from the sale.

القبض علي 19 شخصاً في 14 قضية بحوزتهم 10 كغم مخدرات متنوعة

When the defendants were confronted with what was seized from them, they admitted that the seized items belonged to them for the purpose of trafficking and abuse, and they and the seized items were referred to the competent authority to take legal measures against them. The Ministry of Interior confirmed in a statement issued by the Security Relations and Media Department that criminal security personnel forcefully confront drug dealers and drug dealers and confront all their methods to protect society and preserve it from these dangerous scourges. She stressed the need for concerted efforts to eliminate drug dealers and drug dealers, calling on everyone to cooperate with security personnel and report any negative phenomena on the emergency phone (112) and the hotline of the General Administration for Drug Control (1884141).



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