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20 hospitals out of service and killed in the bombing of the Shifa complex in Gaza

A World Health Organization spokeswoman said on Friday that Al-Shifa Hospital in the Gaza Strip was “being bombed,” adding that 20 hospitals in the Strip were now out of service.

20 مستشفى خارج الخدمة .. وقتلى بقصف مجمع الشفاء في غزة

Spokeswoman Margaret Harris said when asked about what the Ministry of Health in Gaza said about Israel carrying out an air strike on the hospital yard, “I do not have the details about Al-Shifa Hospital, but we already know that it is being bombed.”

When asked for more details, she said, quoting colleagues working there, that the site was witnessing “intense violence.”

The Hamas government announced that the bombing left 13 dead and dozens wounded on the thirty-fifth day of the war with Gaza.

The director of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, Muhammad Abu Salamiya, said: “Six people were killed and others were injured in the Israeli bombing of the hospital yard at dawn on Friday.”

Abu Salamiya added: “Israeli bombing continues in the vicinity of the hospital. Al-Awda, Rantissi, and Indonesian hospitals were also bombed.”

He pointed out that "the Israeli army wants the Gaza Strip's hospitals to be out of service, and has already investigated some medical facilities."

The Israeli army is closing in on central Gaza City and its main Shifa Hospital, which Israel says hides a command center for Hamas fighters.

Israel did not specify its potential plans for the hospital, but said its top priority was to dismantle the Hamas leadership infrastructure.

Any Israeli attempt to take control of Al-Shifa Hospital will threaten heavy civilian casualties and may arouse international condemnation.



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