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4 killed and 6 injured as a result of a property collapse in (Hadayek Al-Qubba) in Egypt

مقتل 4 وإصابة 6 أثر إنهيار عقار حدائق القبة

Civil Protection Forces in Cairo continue their efforts to remove the rubble of the collapsed Hadayek El Qobba property, searching for survivors or other victims, which has resulted in 4 deaths and 6 injured, so far.

The injured were transferred to Al-Demerdash Hospital to receive the necessary treatment, and the bodies were transferred to the morgue at the disposal of the Public Prosecution.

Detectives from the Cairo Security Directorate are listening to the statements of eyewitnesses and neighbors in the properties adjacent to the collapsed property in the Hadayek al-Qubba area, to collect information and data about the accident, while homes adjacent to the property site have been evacuated in anticipation of any emergency.

The Public Prosecution in Cairo proceeded and conducted an inspection that showed that the property consists of 4 floors. It also ordered the formation of a tripartite committee from the Housing Administration in Cairo Governorate to examine the structural condition of the property, its licensing file, and the measures taken to implement the restoration decision issued, and to determine who was responsible for the failure to complete its implementation, and to explain the reason. Real estate collapse.

The initial examination revealed the collapse of a 4-storey property, killing 4 people, and injuring 6 others.

Ground rescue forces are searching under the rubble for missing persons, while detectives are listening to the statements of eyewitnesses, collecting information about the incident and its circumstances, and inquiring about the presence of other missing persons.

The necessary report was prepared regarding the incident, and the Public Prosecution was notified.



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