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6 medals for “gymnastics girls” in Baku... and Murad thanks the parents of the players

The Kuwaiti girls' rhythmic gymnastics team concluded its successful participation in the Second Baku International Junior Women's Championship, and the delegation returned to the country crowned with 6 medals, 4 silver and 2 bronze.

6 ميداليات لـ"فتيات الجمباز" في باكو.. ومراد يشكر أولياء أمور اللاعبات

The Kuwaiti achievement came through champions Raya Al-Qassar, Nabila Al-Kharafi, and Talia Behbehani. The player, Raya, achieved a bronze medal with the hoop tool in the first level competitions, while her colleague Nabila (born in 2013) snatched 3 silver medals in the general individual, freestyle performance, and mace in the second level competitions. The player, Talia, won ( Born in 2014) took silver in the freestyle performance and bronze in the mace in the second level competitions as well, while Sarah Al-Bannai (born in 2012) and Layan Behbehani (born in 2011) were satisfied with fifth place in the overall individual competition, while player Amina Al-Kandari presented beautiful performances during the championship competitions.

The tournament, which was hosted by the Azerbaijani capital during the period from the 9th to the 13th of this month, witnessed strong competition between the participating players who represent advanced countries in the game: Turkey, the United States, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Hungary, Malaysia, Thailand, Egypt, in addition to Host Azerbaijan and Kuwait.

On the other hand, the Secretary General of the Kuwait Gymnastics Federation, Abdul Latif Murad, extended his sincere thanks to the parents of the players for bearing the hassle of travel and the responsibility of managing the team’s delegation, and for sponsoring all expenses for participation in this tournament, after the General Sports Authority refused the team’s participation in this tournament.

Murad explained that participation in this important tournament was included in the Federation’s plan and program to prepare the girls’ team after reducing the number of external participations and agreeing with the Authority to approve participation in the most important tournaments, including the Baku Championship, noting that the ages of the players do not allow them to participate in the “FIG” tournaments. Or the Asian Championships, and this is what called on the Federation to develop a gradual preparation program to reach the continental and international championships.



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