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A Russian Su-34 fighter crashes during a training flight

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced, on Wednesday, that one of its Su-34 fighter jets crashed in the Voronezh region during a training flight.

أعلنت وزارة الدفاع الروسية، الأربعاء، تحطم إحدى مقاتلاتها من طراز "سوخوي-34"، في مقاطعة فورونيج، خلال رحلة تدريبية.

The Ministry said, in a statement, that the accident occurred around 10:00 a.m., during a training flight, and that the two-person crew of the plane were able to jump and were evacuated to the local airport, and “there is no threat to their health.”

She added that the plane fell far from populated areas, and did not cause any damage to the ground, noting that it was not equipped with ammunition.

She explained that "the cause of the accident may have been a technical defect."

The Sukhoi-34, which is known to NATO as the “Fullback” meaning “defender or back” and nicknamed “the duckling,” is a Russian dual-engine bomber with a crew, belonging to the Su-27 Flanker family, and is designed to replace the aircraft from Sukhoi-24 model.



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