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A Ukrainian attack disables the submarine "Rostov" in the Black Sea

هجوم أوكراني يعطل الغواصة "روستوف" في البحر الأسود

British military intelligence said that the Ukrainians disabled one of 4 Russian submarines from which cruise missiles were launched.

She added: With the failure of the Rostov submarine, the Russian Black Sea Fleet loses one of four submarines that played a prominent role in bombing Ukraine with cruise missiles.

Ukraine said on Thursday that it attacked two Russian patrol ships and destroyed an advanced air defense system in western Crimea.

Kiev also announced that it had seriously damaged a Russian submarine and landing ship undergoing repairs in a missile attack on a shipyard in the port of Sevastopol in Crimea, headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

The Ukrainian army said, in a post on the Telegram application, that it had hit two Russian patrol ships in the southwestern Black Sea, causing them “damage” in a morning attack.

The southwestern location of the attack indicates Ukraine's ability to strike Russian targets far from its coast.

While Kiev's counterattack in the south and east has been slowed by Russian minefields and defensive lines, fighting has escalated in the Black Sea region, where Russia has imposed a virtual blockade on Ukrainian seaborne exports.

Russian drones regularly attack Ukrainian port infrastructure along the Danube River, a vital alternative export route for the major grain producer.

It uses its fleet in the Black Sea to fire missiles at Ukrainian targets from afar.

Three main tasks

Presidential advisor Mykhailo Podoliak said that Ukraine is focusing on three main tasks aimed at ending the occupation of Crimea, which lies behind battle lines in southern Ukraine.

He added that Kiev is targeting air defense systems to open the way for more strikes on the Russian army and warehouse infrastructure.

He reported that Kiev is also attacking transportation logistics "to stop the ongoing large-scale supply of resources and reserves to the area of active hostilities."



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