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Airbus: Orders for 32 A320neo aircraft

Airbus announced today that it has secured an order from Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific for 32 A320neo aircraft, as the airline expands its flights to mainland China and elsewhere in Asia.

"إيرباص" .. طلبات لشراء 32 طائرة "إيه 320 نيو"

Financial details of the deal were not revealed, although its value will range between $3.2 and $4.1 billion at current prices.

Cathay Pacific said in August that it intends to increase its fleet of aircraft in addition to a previous order to purchase 32 A320neo aircraft in 2017, according to the French newspaper.

Airbus says the less fuel-efficient single-aisle A320 models are best-sellers and compete with Boeing's 737 MAX.



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