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Al-Saadoun: The genocide crimes that the Palestinians are subjected to must be condemned

Speaker of the National Assembly, Ahmed Al-Saadoun, affirmed that the genocidal crimes committed against the Palestinian brothers by the Israeli occupation must be condemned and confronted.

أكد رئيس مجلس الأمة أحمد السعدون أن ما يتعرض له الأشقاء الفلسطينيون من جرائم إبادة جماعية من الاحتلال الاسرائيلي يجب إدانته والتصدي له.

Al-Saadoun said in his speech at the opening of the second regular session of the seventeenth legislative term of the National Assembly today, Tuesday, that the aggression carried out by the Zionist entity against Gaza and what we are seeing today are explicit calls from the usurping Zionist entity, which explicitly and publicly pushes for the displacement of the people of Gaza from their homes and their deportation. outside their lands and bombing places of worship, hospitals, citizens’ homes and shelters can only be described as crimes of genocide.

Al-Saadoun added that “this is what must be condemned, confronted, called for to stop it, and to refuse to accept the actions and positions of those who do not care about the blood of innocents, nor the calls for peace and peace, and the condemnation of Zionist aggression.”

Regarding the new session, he said, “We realize that we are facing a session filled with great burdens, during which we hope to witness an overflow of achievements required by the country’s interest, which requires systematic attention to achieve consistency and balance in parliamentary work on the basis of calculated estimates without excess or negligence.”



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