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Ali Al-Hitmi: The level of Kuwaiti gymnastics is heartening

النائب الأول لرئيس الاتحاد الدولي علي الهتمي: مستوى الجمباز الكويتي يثلج الصدر

First Vice President of the International Gymnastics Federation and President of the Qatari Federation, Ali Al-Hitmi, praised the advanced level reached by gymnastics in Kuwait and the results achieved after a long period of absence from participation.

Al-Hitmi said while watching part of the training of the Kuwaiti artistic gymnastics team for the junior and junior categories in the Qatari Federation hall in Doha that he is happy that Kuwaiti gymnastics has returned to the forefront again, adding that he sensed a keenness on the part of Federation officials to revive this sport that was distinguished by Kuwait at the Arab level.

Al-Hitmi continued: “The level of juniors and juniors is heartening, and I hope that the Kuwaiti Federation will continue this effort and continue this giving until Kuwaiti gymnastics achieves what it aspires to,” expressing his happiness at the visit of the Kuwaiti national team delegation to Doha and the joint training meeting that he held with his Qatari brother, stressing that This meeting is the beginning of new meetings during which the two sides will seek to achieve technical benefit and exchange experiences.

Al-Hitmi also praised the level of rhythmic gymnastics for girls, and said that Kuwait is witnessing a remarkable development in the level of this type of gymnastics, in light of the widespread demand for playing this game as well as the great interest from parents. He stated that Kuwait possesses the materials and cadres and this sport will reach advanced stages at the level. global whenever it has the opportunity to appear.

Regarding the spread of parkour, Al-Hitmi said that the International Federation supervises 7 types or branches of gymnastics, perhaps the most recent of which is parkour, which he described as the attractive game, the newest at the level of gymnastics, and the easiest to market. He added that the International Federation is making unremitting efforts towards spreading “parkour”, which will become an Olympic sport. He explained that there is a noticeable interest by the Olympic committees in “parkour” because creating a champion in this game is easier than in others and the requirements for this sport are less than other branches of gymnastics.

On the other hand, Al-Hitmi said that he hoped that Kuwait would participate in the Gymnastics for All Gymnastics Gathering, which was recently held in the Dutch capital, Amsterdam, and that he hoped that Kuwaiti gymnastics would be strongly present in every international forum.



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