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An ISIS terrorist was sentenced to death for bombing a Shiite convoy in Iraq

حكم بإعدام "داعشي" لتفجير موكب شيعي بالعراق

On Thursday, the Iraqi judiciary issued a death sentence against an ISIS member for his involvement in a suicide attack in 2014 that killed 17 Shiite visitors in an area north of Baghdad.

This attack occurred in the Taji area, targeting a procession providing food and drink to visitors heading to the city of Samarra to commemorate the death of Hassan al-Askari, one of the twelve Shiite imams who constitute the majority in Iraq.

The Iraqi judiciary said in a statement on Thursday that “the Central Criminal Court issued a death sentence against a terrorist criminal who bombed a convoy during the visit of the two military imams in 2014.”

He added, "The bombing claimed the lives of a number of Iraqis," and others were injured in the Taji area, north of Baghdad. The statement continued that this person "followed the bombing, filmed the incident as he was a member of ISIS terrorist gangs."

After controlling vast areas of Iraq and neighboring Syria in 2014, the organization gradually lost its strongholds following successive military operations in the two countries.

Iraq declared its victory over ISIS in late 2017, but the organization still maintains some cells in remote and remote areas in the north of the country, launching attacks from time to time against the army and security forces.

In late August, the Iraqi authorities executed three people for their role in an attack that killed 323 people in Baghdad in July 2016.

In 2022, death sentences were carried out against 11 people in Iraq, a smaller number compared to the United States, according to Amnesty International, which reported that death sentences were issued against 41 other people.

In 2020, more than 45 people were executed in Iraq, according to the same organization.



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