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Biden calls on Republicans to “stop playing tricks” on the “lockdown” issue.

US President Joe Biden called on Republicans to "stop the games" regarding the issue of the government shutdown, and to move forward with passing the government shutdown law that the House of Representatives adopted on Saturday evening.

بايدن يطالب الجمهوريين بـ"وقف الألاعيب" في موضوع "الإغلاق"

This came in a speech by the US President regarding the government spending law.

Below are the highlights of Biden’s speech:

  • Republicans backed away from a previous agreement with me regarding the government shutdown.

  • I and millions of Americans are fed up with Republican manipulation.

  • It is time to end managing the country according to crises.

  • I expect Republicans to stick to the agreement they made last May.

  • The hard-line wing of the Republican Party tried to cut sums from the proposed budget to prevent a government shutdown.

  • I urge my Republican friends in Congress to not add more time and pass the government shutdown bill.

  • We must prove to the Ukrainian people that we will not abandon them.

  • The United States will not abandon support for Ukraine despite the government shutdown.



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