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Biden directly attacks Trump and considers him a "threat" to democracy

The speech coincides with the first day of hearings within the framework of an investigation aimed at impeaching the US President launched by Republican parliamentarians

الخطاب يتزامن مع اليوم الأول من جلسات استماع في إطار تحقيق يرمي إلى عزل الرئيس الأميركي أطلقه برلمانيون جمهوريون

US President Joe Biden once again issued a dark and dangerous warning about the fate of American democracy by directly attacking his Republican opponent, Donald Trump, at a time when the 2024 presidential election campaign began to take on a new dimension.

Biden said yesterday, Thursday, that the ideology of his Republican opponent and the conservatives who support him and his supporters “threatens the core of our nation.”

He added, "Democracies do not necessarily die by force of arms. They can die when people remain silent, when people do not act or when they do not condemn attacks on democracy, when people are ready to give up what is most precious to them because they suffer frustration, disappointment, fatigue, and a feeling of exclusion."

In this speech, which is the fourth that Biden devotes to the topic of democracy, according to the White House, the US President headed to Arizona, the state from which former Republican Senator John McCain hails.

The 80-year-old Democrat, who is running for a second term, shared a friendship with the late war hero McCain that transcended partisan divisions, and according to Biden, it represents a symbol of the values that Trump threatens.

The US judiciary accuses former President Donald Trump, the most likely candidate to win the Republican Party primary elections, of playing a role in the attack against the Capitol building in Washington on January 6, 2021, and of seeking to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential elections.

"dangerous theory"

In a rare move, Biden named his opponent in his speech, quoting excerpts from Trump's statements.

"Trump says the Constitution gave him, quote, the right to do whatever he wants as president," Biden said. The Democratic president denounced this "dangerous theory," also attacking his opponent for spreading "conspiracy theories" and wanting to "divide" the country.

He considered that his predecessor "was not guided by the constitution, a sense of duty, or respect for his citizens, but rather by revenge and grudges."

Biden also quoted a phrase made by Trump in March during a Republican Party convention, when he said, “I will avenge you.”

Impeach Biden

In this speech, which coincides with the first day of hearings within the framework of an investigation aimed at isolating the Democratic president launched by Republican parliamentarians, Biden said that “there is no doubt that the Republican Party today is led by Trump supporters.”

The Democratic President in particular expressed his indignation at the "deafening silence" of Republicans after the "hateful" statements made by Trump against the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley.

The Republican billionaire considered that Milley had committed treason, stressing that such an act could have been punished by death.

“The more people vote, the more the entire nation participates and the stronger democracy becomes,” said Biden, who has not yet been able to generate enthusiasm according to opinion polls, mainly due to his age.



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