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Chinese car show in Kuwait

Kuwait Finance House “KFH” inaugurated the Chinese Car Festival in the presence of the acting CEO of the group, Abdul Wahab Issa Al-Rashoud, His Excellency the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the State of Kuwait, Zhang Jianwei, and a number of owners and officials of Chinese car agencies in the State of Kuwait, in addition to the executive management of “KFH”.

The festival will be held over the course of three months in the first exhibition of its kind specializing in Chinese cars under one roof at the “KFH” showroom in Al Dajeej. During his speech on the occasion of the opening of the festival, the acting CEO of the group, Abdul Wahab Issa Al-Rashoud, expressed “KFH”’s pride in launching this unique festival. It is one of its kind, which will contribute to reviving the automobile market in the State of Kuwait and is in the interest of customers and car agencies at the same time. He stressed that such exhibitions facilitate the process of choosing for customers from among various brands, noting that the festival will be the beginning of a series of festivals that meet customers’ ambitions in terms of related to the automobile sector. Al-Rashoud said, “We have brought together in this exhibition more than 13 brands, including more than 147 different types of cars to meet the various desires and needs of customers and suit all segments.” He pointed out that “KFH” offers unprecedented financing solutions with unique advantages for the first time. On the sidelines of the festival. Al-Rashoud pointed out that KFH is a major contributor to supporting the automobile market in general through its distinguished financing services and its various showrooms spread across the State of Kuwait. He praised KFH’s leadership in the field of car financing, and its ownership of the largest car showroom in the Middle East, which is KFH Auto in the Shuwaikh area, which includes most of the car dealerships in the State of Kuwait, in addition to a diverse selection of land and sea vehicles, among others. Advanced technology at competitive prices. For his part, His Excellency the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to the State of Kuwait, Zhang Jianwei, praised the efforts of the Kuwait Finance House that resulted in this festival and exhibition. The only one of its kind and the largest at the level of Chinese cars and brands. He stressed that Chinese cars have significantly swept the Kuwaiti market, as 22 Chinese brands joined the Kuwaiti market during the past year in a clear indication of the quality of Chinese industry, and the Kuwaiti user’s confidence in Chinese industry. He pointed out that Chinese cars enjoy advanced technology and high-quality manufacture, and their prices are competitive, and this is what distinguished them and placed them among the largest car manufacturing countries, as Chinese cars recently ranked third in the number of sales in the State of Kuwait. Exclusive financing solutions. In turn, the Executive Director of the Car Finance and Leasing Department in “ “KFH” Wael Al-Kharraz stressed that this festival, which will be held over a period of three months, is an opportunity for “KFH” customers and non-customers as well to learn about Chinese cars and their types under one roof. Al-Kharraz stressed that “KFH” provides exclusive and unprecedented financing solutions during this festival to its customers and visitors. The exhibition, in addition to special offers presented by participating car agencies in the automotive and vehicle sector.



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