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Criminal security officers are on the lookout for anyone who violates the law

(7) people were arrested on charges of running a restaurant, café, and groceries without a license, and being a street vendor

ضبط (7) أشخاص بتهمة إدارة مطعم ومقهى وبقالات من دون ترخيص وبائع متجول

Security media:

As part of the efforts of the Criminal Security Sector to arrest violators and outlaws, the General Department of Criminal Investigation “Capital Governorate Investigation Department” was able to arrest two people who exploited rooms inside a residential building and turned them into an unlicensed grocery store. They were found to be selling expired products and changing the expiry date, and two people managing A café in the basement of an unlicensed building, and (3) people running an unlicensed restaurant in a house in the Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh area, serving expired products. The Farwaniya Governorate Investigation Department also managed to arrest a street vendor selling food and drinks to passers-by and homes, and they are being referred. And the seized items are taken to the competent authority to take the necessary action against them.



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