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Criminal security officers are on the lookout for local liquor promoters and manufacturers

The General Department of Criminal Investigation was able to arrest two people of Asian nationality running a factory and store for local liquor

الإدارة العامة للمباحث الجنائية تتمكن من ضبط شخصين من جنسية آسيوية يديران مصنعاً ومخزناً للخمور المحلية

Security media:

The continuous security follow-up of the criminal security sector resulted in the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation, represented by the Capital Governorate Investigation Department, “Jaber Al-Ahmad Investigations,” being able to monitor two people running a factory for local and counterfeit branded wines. By intensifying search operations, it was revealed that they were running two sites, one for manufacturing liquor and the other for storing it, where they were taken. The necessary legal permission was obtained and they were seized, and all the manufacturing tools were found, which consisted of a press and glass bottles ready for filling. Also, 1,500 bottles filled and ready for promotion, barrels, gallons, and various types of chemical materials related to the manufacture of wines were found, in addition to a large quantity of caps, cartons, and stickers for glass bottles, and they were referred and seized. To the competent authorities to take the necessary legal measures against them.



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