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Criminal security officers raid prostitution dens

رجال الأمن الجنائي يداهمون أوكار الدعارة وضبط ثلاث شبكات و(19) متهم رجلاً وامرأة من جنسيات آسيوية في منطقة السالمية

- Criminal Security officers raid prostitution dens and arrest three gangs and (19) accused men and women of Asian nationalities in the Salmiya area.

Security media:

The Criminal Security Sector, represented by the General Directorate of Criminal Investigation “Department for the Protection of Public Morals and Combating Trafficking in Persons,” was able to monitor 3 gangs practicing vice and promoting their services through accounts on some social networking sites. After obtaining the necessary legal permission, (19) men and women of Asian nationality were arrested. Many smartphones used in promotional operations and tools used for immoral acts were found, and they and the seized items are being referred to the competent authorities to take the necessary action against them.

The security institution extends its thanks to everyone who reports such acts, and calls on everyone to cooperate with the security personnel and report any negative or immoral phenomena on the emergency phone (112) and the operations of the General Department of Criminal Investigation (25589655, 25589655).

Criminal security officers raid prostitution dens

Criminal security officers raid prostitution dens



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