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Education and the development of nations

التعليم ونهضة الأمم

We all know the importance of education and knowledge in the renaissance of nations, and the greatest evidence of that is that God Almighty first taught our Prophet Muhammad

May God’s prayers and peace be upon him, is knowledge and reading, as the revelation came to the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, who was Gabriel, peace be upon him, when he said, “Read,” and it is the first verse revealed in the Holy Qur’an {Read in the name of your Lord who created

(1) He created man from a clot

(2) Read, and your Lord is the Most Generous

(3) He who knows Pen

(4 ) Anthropology did not know what

Education is what creates civilizations, develops them, and develops people. There are many examples in the past and present of this, the Japanese, Malaysian, and Chinese experience. Despite the blockade that befell Japan, education is the foundation of renaissance. Education is what creates nations, and education is the building block upon which countries are built. The health system, development, and leadership are its foundation. Excellent education, and here the Icelandic experience in science, science, technology, modern technology and inventions was an essential factor in moving Iceland from a poor country to a rich country, from an environmentally polluted country to an environmentally pure country, from dilapidated health to a powerful health system, so education was the main concern and foundation of the Republic of Iceland, and from their sayings Famous and immortal among the Icelandic people (Education is power).

Likewise, the Finnish experience in education has proven its success, with Finnish students excelling globally... as there are no long hours in school, no homework, no private lessons, and no ministerial exams.

We see

All in all, the level of education in our country does not meet the ambition of the curricula, mechanism and method of education despite the huge budgets spent on education, and the spread of the phenomenon of cheating, and we must confront and address it, as well as in terms of rare specializations, and how do we occupy the lowest levels of education quality classification, and in this aspect, is it reasonable ((that We rely on the experience of countries that are at the bottom of the education quality ranking, and we take their experience as unbelievable )).

A plan must be drawn up for the requirements of the labor market and the need for the rare specializations required by the educational system, and incentives should be made for that, and no specialization other than education should be included in the field of education, such as engineering specializations other than logic. A chemical engineering graduate works as a teacher. Education needs scientific foundations. It is unreasonable for an engineer who learns engineering technically and professionally to be included in teaching. There is no doubt that education has its own methods and preparation, such as academics in vocational institutes, universities, and colleges. Likewise, the accumulation of available specializations must be reduced so that there is no accumulation of teachers for a particular subject. More attention must be paid to the education file, as it is the concern of all Kuwaiti families and the first issue, and the citizen is tempted to go to the private sector, and also not. It meets the ambition for education. We call on the government and the Education Committee in the National Assembly to make this file a national priority



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