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Egypt.. Celebrating the Arabic edition of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s book

"China Today" magazine - Egypt held a celebration for the launch ceremony of the Arabic edition of the book "Xi Jinping... Respecting and Guaranteeing Human Rights" and a symposium on "Promoting Human Rights through Development... A Chinese-Arab Vision."

مصر .. الاحتفال بالطبعة العربية لكتاب رئيس الصين شى جين بينغ

This was sponsored by the Chinese International Media Group, and organized by the Foreign Language Publishing House, in a hotel in Greater Cairo, in the presence of public political, academic, cultural, and media figures and from the League of Arab States.

The book contains 335 paragraphs of explanations on 9 topics and more than 160 documents, including reports, speeches and instructions of President Xi Jinping of China during the period from November 15, 2012 and October 30, 2021. The publisher stated that since the founding of the Republic of China more than 70 years ago, China has adhered to By integrating the generality of human rights with China's realistic conditions, thus paving the way for the development of human rights in accordance with China's situation.

Also promote the comprehensive development of people, strengthen the guarantee of their rights by the rule of law, and continue to improve the level of respect and guarantee of various basic rights of the Chinese people. Achieving China's dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, moving forward in forming a more just and rational global governance that is inclusive of human rights, and participating in building a community with a shared future for humanity.

The opening speeches were delivered by Gao Anming, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of the Chinese International Media Group, Dr. Essam Sharaf, former Prime Minister of Egypt, Zhang Tao, Chargé d'Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Egypt, and Mounir Al-Fassi, Director of the Human Rights Department of the League of Arab States. The symposium was moderated by Li Wuzhou, Deputy Director of the Center for Human Rights in Egypt. Western European and African media of the China International Media Group.

Zhang Tao said that President Xi Jinping's statements about respecting and ensuring human rights will help Chinese and foreign readers know the extent of the development of the human rights issue in China, and understand the rich essence of the president's statements. What are human rights? How we look at it. “Only when the people of all countries live well can prosperity be sustained, security guaranteed, and human rights established on a solid foundation.”

In recent years, under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, Egypt has been exploring a path to human rights development that suits its national circumstances. In 2021, Egypt launched the National Human Rights Strategy, reflecting its political will to promote and protect human rights and fulfill its international obligations. Egypt is also working to advance important strategies such as “Vision 2030”, “Decent Life Initiative” and “Solidarity and Dignity Initiative” and is committed to protecting and improving the people’s livelihood and protecting and promoting human rights through development. We are confident that publishing the Arabic edition of our president's book will help Egyptians better understand China's vision on human rights and global governance, and will contribute to strengthening cooperation between the two sides in the field of human rights.

Essam Sharaf, former Prime Minister of Egypt, said that President Xi Jinping expressed in his book not only the aspirations of the Chinese people, but also the aspirations of the peoples of many other developing countries, and I believe that the book provides a very good framework for dealing with human rights issues. In 1921, the Chinese dream was born: “the well-being of the citizen and the renaissance of the nation.” It is no wonder that the phrase “respect and protection of human rights” was included in the country’s constitution after the launch of the reform and opening-up process.

President Xi has made a series of statements and speeches on respecting the drawing of the road map for China's human rights development in the new era, thus contributing Chinese wisdom and experience to its development in the world, and these speeches have been compiled in this valuable book.

مصر .. الاحتفال بالطبعة العربية لكتاب رئيس الصين شى جين بينغ

مصر .. الاحتفال بالطبعة العربية لكتاب رئيس الصين شى جين بينغ



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