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Egyptian musicians’ revenues in the summer of 2023 are revealed by Their union president

إيرادات الموسيقيين المصريين في صيف 2023 يكشفها نقيبهم

The Egyptian Music Professions Syndicate, headed by artist Mostafa Kamel, revealed the special budget and current financial position of the union, as the union’s revenues from singing permits and holding concerts on the North Coast during the summer season reached 20 million pounds.

Tariq Mortada, the media advisor to the Musical Professions Syndicate, said in an official statement that the union’s balances in Egyptian banks reached approximately 144 million and a half million pounds, pointing out that Captain Mostafa Kamel pledged before the Board of Directors that he would reach 20 million instead of the 7 million that were allocated. Collection from last year's concerts.

Mortada pointed out that the summer season has not yet been completed, as revenues are increasing to more than 20 million pounds in the 2023 season, saying: “The artist Mustafa Kamel, the General Syndicate of Musicians, said: I pledged to God and I pledged to everyone, if not the revenues of the coast (20 million in Above) I will submit my resignation, and everyone bet on me, the first of which was my lifelong friend, the star artist Helmy Abdel Baqi, and they told me that the highest expectation could reach (10 or 11).” Mustafa Kamel indicated that there are more achievements on his agenda, as he will not have peace of mind. Unless all the wishes and aspirations of the musical family are fulfilled by the members of the General Assembly.



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