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For the first time in its history.. the Italian ship “Francesco Morosini” visits the Jeddah Islamic

لأول مرة في تاريخها .. السفينة الإيطالية “فرانشيسكو موروسيني” تزور ميناء جدة الإسلامي

Abdullah Al-Yanbaawi - Jeddah:-

Yesterday evening, a reception was held at Jeddah Islamic Port on board the Italian warship “Francesco Morosini” on the occasion of its first visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its maritime history.

The ceremony and official reception were attended by a number of members of the diplomatic corps accredited to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a number of consuls general in Jeddah, officers from the Royal Saudi Navy, businessmen interested in the maritime and military industries, and those interested in military affairs, where the captain of the ship, Giulio, delivered a welcome speech. For those present, a complete technical description of all parts of the ship and its contents. After that, the Italian Consul General in Jeddah, Dr. Leonardo Costa, gave a speech in which he expressed his happiness at the ship’s arrival at Jeddah Islamic Port and the strengthening of military relations and military trade progress that this visit brings. The Francesco Morosini is considered one of the modern, high-tech multi-purpose ships for long-range patrols, logistical transport, surface combat, and advanced search and rescue operations, as it has a multi-mission helicopter flight.

The name of the ship goes back to Duke Francesco Morosini, Chief Justice of the Republic of Venice, who lived between 1619 and 1694. He was distinguished by his intelligence, skill, and foresight. He fought the Wars of Candia and the invasion of the Morea. At the age of 75, he led his last naval campaign and died shortly thereafter. He is considered a wonderful example of courage and self-denial. Since then, the city of Venice and the Italian Navy have praised his work and his name has been mentioned in cultural and heritage festivals.

The ship was built in Italy, the city of La Spazia, for the Fincantieri company, based on ancient Roman ship engineering. It has low fuel consumption and high speeds, reaching 32 nautical knots. Its first landing in the sea was on October 3, 2017, and its technical specifications are length 143 meters, width 16.5 meters, and draft 8.2 meters.



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