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Hana Gouda.. How did she qualify, at the age of 15, for the Paris Olympics?

Egyptian player Hana Gouda went through special preparations in order to reach her dream of winning the African Senior Table Tennis Championship, which was held in Tunisia, and qualifying for the 2024 Paris Olympics with the national team, according to statements by Radwa Azab, her mother, who accompanies her wherever she goes.

هنا جودة .. كيف تأهلت في سن الـ 15 عاما إلى أولمبياد باريس؟

Hana Gouda became the youngest player to win the continental championship in the history of the competition, as she was 15 years old, after defeating her role model, Dina Meshref, who won the title last year, by a score of 4 games to one, in a match characterized by competition. ‏

Hana’s mother spoke about the historic achievement, saying: “Capturing the championship came after great efforts throughout the past months through continuous training, focusing on all details, adhering to the coaches’ instructions, and maintaining her fitness in the previous period.”

Radwa adds: “We are very happy that Hana was crowned with this important title and her outstanding performance throughout her journey in the tournament and her keenness to give her best in every match, so I set off towards her after the end of the final match and her obtaining the gold medal in order to tell her that she had surpassed herself.” In that confrontation...

Ashraf Sobhi, the Egyptian Minister of Youth and Sports, congratulated Hana Gouda on winning the gold medal in the adult championship in Tunisia, considering what she achieved as a historic achievement as she is the youngest player in history to win the title and qualify for the Paris Olympics, explaining in an official statement his happiness that the final was between two players. From Egypt.

The mother of the Egyptian champion confirms the strong preparation for the African Senior Table Tennis Championship for Women, as the prodigy girl set out to participate in several camps during the recent period, noting that the beginning came in China and then she headed to an intensive camp in Germany and from there to participate in major tournaments in the Czech Republic. Croatia and Slovenia...

This year, Gouda won many championships, most notably the Antalya International Junior Women’s Championship in Turkey last March, then the African Cup in Kenya in May, which is limited to individual competitions between the best female players, as well as the Croatian Junior Women’s Championship and the Slovenian International Championship. Under 19 years old, and at the local level, she won the Egyptian League championship with Al-Ahly Club

Radwa remembers: “There is diligent work from the team that is with Rebekah here at the African Championship in Tunisia, which includes her coach at Al-Ahly club, who has important directions and decisive advice in every match, as well as the psychological trainer, who plays a major role before major competitions.” And the final matches

Regarding Hana Gouda’s qualification with the Egyptian team for the Paris Olympics, the mother says: “It is a dream that we have been working towards throughout the previous period, and we feel happy because the team will have the opportunity to participate with 3 female players, and two of them can be present in the individual competitions.”

The table tennis prodigy joined the team's reserve list in the previous session of the Olympics, which was held in Beijing, in order to protect her in the event of injuries among the main team of female players, but she was unable to participate at that time.

Hana’s mother concludes her speech by saying: “We aspire to reach a greater status because Hana’s talent is worthy. For this reason, the family seeks to provide all means of support and stand by her in various tournaments and provide the necessary needs for her so that she can continue her journey in the best possible way.”



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