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“Health” addresses “Civil Service” in addition to obtaining sick leave without medical necessity

«الصحة» تخاطب «الخدمة المدنية» بشأن الحصول على إجازة مرضية دون استشارة طبية

As part of continuing efforts to mechanize health services, and to facilitate citizens, the Minister of Health, Dr. Ahmed Al-Awadhi, addressed the Civil Service Commission regarding the launch of a new electronic service, which is obtaining sick leave without medical consultation, through electronic platforms.

The new service comes through which the employee can obtain sick leave through electronic means approved by the Ministry of Health without visiting the health center, due to the presence of cases that do not require sick leave after medical consultation, with the aim of reducing pressure on primary health care centers or staff. Medical services in various regions of the country, which contributes to improving the quality of health service.

His Excellency the Minister of Health’s address to the Civil Service Commission included a reference to his letter No. 15-35-2023 containing a proposal to amend Civil Service Council Resolution No. 39 of 2006 regarding the periods, rules and provisions for granting leave, which includes launching the service of creating sick leave without medical consultation, through the means Electronic form approved by the Ministry.

The proposal specified the controls for granting sick leave as follows:

- Leave with full pay for the first fifteen days.

- Leave with half pay for the second fifteen days.

- Leave with a quarter of salary for the third fifteen days.

- Leave without pay for the last fifteen days.

The proposal also stipulated that the duration of sick leave granted to the employee through electronic means should not exceed 3 days per month.



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