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“Health” studies the causes of drug shortages, and “Budgets” discusses oversight phenomena

Six parliamentary committees will hold their meetings today to discuss the topics on their agendas. The Health, Social and Labor Affairs Committee is discussing assigning the committee to complete a study of the causes of drug shortages in the country. The committee is also discussing determining its work mechanism and priorities.

«الصحية» لدراسة أسباب نقص الأدوية و«الميزانيات» تناقش الظواهر الرقابية

The Budgets and Final Account Committee will hold a meeting to discuss the Audit Bureau’s report on the most important indicators, regulatory phenomena, and developments for the fiscal year 2022/2023. The meeting is scheduled to be attended by representatives of the Audit Bureau.

The Women, Family and Children Affairs Committee is considering determining the mechanism of the committee’s work. The investigation committee into the distribution of industrial, craft and service vouchers will discuss the annual report of the Audit Bureau with the observations resulting from the examination and review operations of the Public Authority for Industry for the fiscal year (2022/2023), whether ongoing or settled observations.

The meeting is scheduled to be attended by specialists from the State Audit Bureau and the Public Authority for Industry. The Internal Affairs and Defense Committee considers the topics on the agenda.

The Disability Affairs Committee is discussing the proposal for a law to add a new article No. (14 bis) to Law No. (8) regarding the rights of persons with disabilities.



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