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History and results of Al-Ahly in the Club World Cup

تاريخ ونتائج الأهلي في كأس العالم للأندية

Al-Ahly will appear again in the Club World Cup, for the ninth time in its history, during the 2023 edition, as champion of the last African Champions League.

The 2023 FIFA Club World Cup is scheduled to be held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, during the period from December 12 to 22, for which the draw was organized today, Tuesday.

Al-Ahly is accustomed to participating in the Club World Cup, as it is the second most participating club in the tournament, after New Zealand's Auckland City, which won 10 times.

Looking at Al-Ahly’s results in the World Cup, starting from its first participation in 2005 until 2025, they will be as follows:

Al-Ahly played the largest number of matches in the Club World Cup tournament historically, with 22 matches.

Al-Ahly achieved victory in 9 matches in the history of its participation in the World Cup, while suffering 13 defeats.

It should be noted that Al-Ahly previously achieved third place and a bronze medal in the World Cup, in three editions (2006-2020-2021).

The draw for the 2023 Club World Cup was held - today - in Jeddah, and resulted in a possible confrontation between Al-Ahly of Egypt and the Saudi Jeddah Federation.

Al-Ahly is waiting for the winner of the match between Jeddah and Auckland City, to face him in the quarter-finals, and if the Red Giants win, they will set up a date with the champion of the South American continent, which has not yet been determined, in the semi-finals.



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