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“Horrifying” details: Hamas penetrated Israel with maps and cameras

The American newspaper "The New York Times" revealed that video footage taken from cameras installed on the heads of Hamas militants, who were killed in an attack last Saturday, showed that the attackers knew a lot of information and secrets related to the Israeli army and its weaknesses.

تفاصيل "مرعبة".. حماس اخترقت إسرائيل بالخرائط والكاميرات

In one of the shots that the newspaper viewed and verified during interviews with Israeli officials, it turned out that 10 militants from the Al-Qassam Brigades knew exactly how to find and enter one of the Israeli intelligence centers.

The footage shows the moment they crossed into Israel, where they headed east on 5 motorcycles, each carrying two gunmen.

After several kilometers, the group deviated from the main road into the forest area, arriving at a military base. They then blew up a checkpoint with an explosive device, entered the base, stopped to take a group selfie, and then shot an Israeli soldier.

The newspaper says: For a moment, the attackers seemed unsure of where they would go next, but one of them pulled out of his pocket a detailed map of the base, in colors.

The group was then redirected to find an open door to a fortified building. Once inside, they reached a room full of computers in the military intelligence center. There were two Israeli soldiers taking cover under a bed in the room, and they were then shot dead.

The newspaper points out that this footage, which was found on the camera mounted on the head of one of the Hamas militants who was later killed in the clashes, provides details that it described as “terrifying” about how Hamas was able to surprise and overcome one of the most powerful armies in the Middle East, last Saturday. .

The newspaper adds that, through careful planning and extraordinary knowledge of Israel's secrets and weaknesses, Hamas and its allies were able to invade the Israeli front from Gaza shortly after dawn.

It adds that the attackers used drones to destroy the main observation and communications towers along the border with Gaza, which affected the performance of the Israeli army.



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