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Hossam Hassan achieves 5 gains after Egypt’s victory over New Zealand

On the night of its debut under the leadership of technical director Hossam Hassan, the Egyptian national team gave an exceptional performance in its confrontation with New Zealand, where it won with a clean goal in a match held at Misr Stadium in the New Administrative Capital, within the friendly Egyptian Capital Cup tournament sponsored by FIFA.

حسام حسن يحقق 5 مكاسب بعد الفوز على نيوزيلندا
حسام حسن يحقق 5 مكاسب بعد الفوز على نيوزيلندا

Technical director Hossam Hassan achieved great success after this confrontation, as confidence returned between the Egyptian fans and the national team thanks to the distinguished and masculine performance of the players. And not only because of the victory, but because of the new spirit that flooded the team and its dedication on the field.

In his first coaching mission, Hossam Hassan benefited from contact with a different football school, such as the New Zealand national team, and achieved remarkable success, which suggests a promising future for the Pharaohs in the upcoming matches.

Attack leader Mustafa Mohamed continued to score goals, which confirms his worth in the national team and brings reassurance to the technical staff regarding this position in the upcoming matches.

Hossam Hassan preferred to give new faces the opportunity to join the national team, showing his willingness to scout new talents and develop the team.

After qualifying for the final match in the Egyptian Capital Championship, Hossam Hassan appears to be on a date with history, as he seeks to achieve the championship with the national team and make his own mark in his new coaching career.



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