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India's imports of Russian oil are at the lowest level in 7 months

واردات الهند من النفط الروسي عند أدنى مستوى خلال 7 أشهر

Industrial data indicated that Indian imports of cheap Russian oil fell to their lowest level in seven months last August, with demand affected by monsoon rains.

According to data issued by the Vortexa website, which specializes in tracking energy shipments, India, the third largest oil consumer in the world, reduced imports from Russia for the third month in a row last August.

It also imported 1.46 million barrels per day from Russia last August, down from 1.91 million barrels purchased the previous month.

Indian refiners also reduced their imports from Iraq, another large supplier, to 866,000 bpd from 891,000 bpd.

The data showed that some of these quantities were replaced by a short rise in imports from Saudi Arabia, which jumped to 820 thousand barrels per day, from 484 thousand barrels per day, last July.



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