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Khartoum is burning under bombardment... massive destruction affecting government buildings

الخرطوم تحترق تحت القصف.. دمار هائل يطال مبان حكومية

Violent clashes continued between the army and the Rapid Support Forces around the perimeter of the Army General Command in the center of the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, and the headquarters of the Corps of Engineers and the Karari base in Omdurman, west of the capital.

The intense aerial and artillery bombardment led to widespread destruction, affecting a number of major buildings, including the Ministry of Justice and a number of governmental and private bodies, some of which were completely burned.

After the army announced on Saturday that it had repelled an attack by the Rapid Support Forces on the Army General Command and other strategic military sites; Clashes renewed on Sunday morning, using heavy and medium weapons, amid intense military aircraft overflights.

While the Rapid Support Forces said that they were able to cut off communication between the Signal Corps and the General Command and took control of military units and civilian buildings near the command; The army denied this.

The escalation comes within the framework of the ongoing war for the sixth month in a row between the two sides, which has led to the killing of more than 5,000 civilians, the displacement of about 5 million people from their homes in Khartoum and Darfur, and the injury of thousands amid serious humanitarian conditions and the almost complete collapse of the health sector and life services.

Fears of dividing the country are increasing in light of reports of an alternative capital in Port Sudan in the east of the country and the army’s intention to form a government there.

The Forces of Freedom and Change, which are leading political efforts to stop the war, said that they are following with great concern the indicators that are escalating as both sides of the war threaten to form a government in the positions they control. Pointing out that this is a dangerous matter that will result in the fragmentation and division of the country.

The Forces of Freedom and Change affirmed their complete rejection of this trend, which they said “sows the seeds of the fragmentation of Sudan’s unity, deepens the conflict, and expands the circle of war in preparation for turning it into a comprehensive civil war.” Considering that "since the coup of October 25, 2021, there has been no legitimacy for any party in the country to form any government."

She confirmed that she will take a number of steps to confront plans to divide the country and work to stop them, most notably direct and immediate communication with the armed forces and rapid support, with the aim of urging them to avoid any current or future steps that lead to tearing the country apart and continuing the war, escalating it and increasing its scope.

Observers warned of a scenario where the war would expand deep into the safest areas after the intensification of fighting over the past months in the five states of Darfur. In addition to a number of areas in Kordofan.

After the Darfur region, Kordofan state is considered one of the areas most affected by the fighting in Khartoum. Since the first days of the outbreak of the war, the city of Al-Obeid, the largest city in the region, has been witnessing violent battles. The city is still witnessing back-and-forth and exchanges of control between the two parties.

The past few days have witnessed unrest in a number of areas of the island that until recently remained untouched by the war.

In recent weeks, some villages in the state have witnessed armed attacks. It led to the death and injury of a number of civilians; But these attacks were limited.

The security and humanitarian conditions are seriously deteriorating in most areas of the capital and the Darfur region, amid a noticeable increase in the number of victims of aerial and ground bombardment.

Thousands of stranded residents face the risk of death from starvation amid fears of running out of food stocks and in light of a significant deterioration in health conditions.



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