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Kiss scandal: Jenny Hermoso accuses the Spanish Federation of intimidation

The Spanish player, Jenny Hermoso, the heroine of the kiss scandal, accused the Football Association of seeking to intimidate World Cup-winning players by calling them up to the national team despite their request not to be called up.

اتهمت اللاعبة الإسبانية، جيني هيرموسو، بطلة فضيحة القبلة، اتحاد كرة القدم بالسعي لترهيب اللاعبات الفائزات بكأس العالم عبر استدعائهن للمنتخب الوطني على الرغم من طلبهن عدم استدعائهن.

Hermoso, who confirmed that she did not agree to the kiss of former federation president Luis Rubiales during the World Cup awards ceremony last month, said in a statement on Tuesday morning that the federation’s decision to summon nearly half of the 39 female players who announced their refusal to play for the national team in protest was “evidence of "It is clear that nothing has changed."

The players said they would not return to the national team unless their demands for deep reforms and the appointment of new leadership in the federation were met, but new coach Montse Tommy on Tuesday selected 15 players from the team that won the first Women's World Cup last month.

According to Tommy, she left Hermoso off the list "as a way to protect her."

Commenting on Tommy’s decision, Hermoso said: “Protect me from what? There were allegations that the environment within the federation would be safe for the return of my teammates, but no one announced in the same press conference that I would not join the national team as a means of protecting me.”

According to Tommy, she spoke to Hermoso and the other players, stressing that she is confident that all the players will attend the training camp on Tuesday.



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