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Kuwait University students begin a sit-in against the abolition of the joint division in “Rights”

طلبة جامعة الكويت تبداء إعتصام ضد إلغاء الشعب المشتركة في «الحقوق»

• The Democratic Center and Independent lists called for him, in the presence of the coalition list

A sit-in by male and female students at Kuwait University began against the decision to cancel joint courses in the Faculty of Law, which was announced by the Director of Kuwait University, A. Dr.. Fayez Al-Dhafiri to implement “preventing mixing”, a few days before the start of the school year. The student lists, led by the Democratic Center List and the Independent List, called for participation in this sit-in, to protest and reject the decision to cancel the joint classes for male and female students of the Faculty of Law at Kuwait University, which may cause the disruption of their study plans necessary for graduation.



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