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Learn about the Arab and international aid provided to Libya

تعرف على المساعدات العربية والعالمية المقدمة لإغاثة ليبيا

International aid began arriving on Saturday in Libya to support flood survivors in the city of Derna, 6 days after the disaster, coming from Europe, the Middle East, and United Nations programs.

The UAE:

An Emirati cargo plane arrived at Benina Airport in eastern Libya. The Emirati plane carries a number of search and rescue teams to participate in relief operations for those affected by the floods and torrents that struck a number of areas in eastern Libya.

An Emirati humanitarian aid plane arrived at Benghazi airport to help those affected by the effects of the hurricane and floods. This initiative comes in light of efforts to mitigate the significant effects of Hurricane Daniel, which struck important parts of the cities of eastern Libya.

On Saturday morning, an Agence France-Presse team saw an Emirati plane unloading tons of aid into large trucks in preparation for transporting it to the affected areas.

The Emirati plane carried oil, rice, canned food, dates, and baby formula, in addition to tents, rescue equipment, and cooking utensils. Near the runway, trucks carrying electricity generators that had arrived from the Emirates earlier set off towards Derna, which is about 300 km away.


Egypt sent three military planes carrying rescue teams, medical aid, and tents. The General Command of the Armed Forces also announced that it had ordered the sending of “convoys loaded with tons of humanitarian aid, subsistence materials, relief crews, ambulances, and large numbers of engineering equipment” by sea and land.

Saudi Arabia

On Saturday, the Saudi relief plane departed from King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, heading to Benina International Airport in the city of Benghazi, carrying 90 tons of food and shelter aid to be distributed to those affected by the floods that Libya witnessed.

In addition, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi gave his directives “to establish shelter camps in the western region (border with Libya) for those affected by our Libyan brothers who lost their homes.”


Since Tuesday, Algeria has sent humanitarian aid, including food supplies, medical equipment, clothing, and tents, via an air bridge involving eight military aircraft, according to a statement from the Algerian presidency. A specialized team from the Civil Defense, including 113 members, including divers and doctors, also arrived in Derna.


On Wednesday, Jordan sent a first aid plane carrying a rescue team, food supplies, tents and blankets, followed on Thursday by a second plane carrying 28 specialists in search and rescue efforts and first aid in cases of natural disasters, including five doctors.


A rescue team sent by the Palestinian Authority arrived Thursday, consisting of 37 people, including doctors.

Global health

The World Health Organization announced the arrival of a plane to Benghazi carrying “29 tons of medical supplies” from its global logistics center in Dubai, “enough to help about 250,000 people,” explaining that the aid includes basic medicines, medical supplies for emergency surgery, and bags to transport bodies and provide “a decent burial.” "For the dead.

United nations

The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs launched an appeal to raise more than $71 million to provide urgent assistance to about 250,000 people most affected by the floods, which caused a “catastrophic situation out of control.”


The Italian warship "San Marco" arrived on Saturday off the coast of Derna, carrying two search and rescue helicopters, 100 tents sufficient to shelter a thousand people, five thousand blankets and health care materials, eight water pumps, in addition to civil engineering equipment.


On Saturday, Romania sent the first plane loaded with food supplies and mattresses. Bucharest is scheduled to provide 55 tons of aid via six flights.


Additional Turkish aid arrived on Saturday, including three field hospitals, food and medical supplies, tents and shelters, and 360 members of the Turkish Relief Organization’s medical teams, the coast guard, and firefighters. Additional aid is also scheduled to be launched on Saturday from the city of Izmir.

This aid is in addition to three cargo planes that took off starting Tuesday to transport aid to those affected.


Two planes from Germany arrived at Al-Abraq Airport in eastern Libya, carrying 30 tons of materials, including tents, beds, covers, mattresses, and electric generators.


France sent two military planes, the first on Wednesday transported a field hospital, tons of health supplies, and a team of rescuers, followed by a second plane on Thursday transporting aid. A German plane carrying aid also took off on Saturday from Paris and Berlin.


The United Kingdom announced on Wednesday a first aid worth one million pounds (1.16 million euros), without specifying its nature and details.


On Friday, Hungary sent a team of 46 rescuers accompanied by three dogs.



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