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Learn about the capabilities of the new march announced by China

On Monday, the Chinese Army's ground forces unveiled their first combat drone, in a move that observers say will enhance the operational capabilities of these forces.

كشفت القوات البرية في الجيش الصيني، الاثنين، عن أول مسيّرة قتالية تابعة لها، في خطوة يقول مراقبون إنها ستعزز القدرات العملياتية لهذه القوات.

The China Daily newspaper reported that the new drone is called “KVD002,” and the specifications of this drone are as follows:

It can perform reconnaissance and carry out attacks.

What distinguishes this plane, according to the Chinese newspaper, is its ease of maintenance and its ability to carry out multiple tasks.

The main mission of this aircraft is to conduct long-term reconnaissance operations over vast areas, and to launch precise air strikes against enemy targets such as air defense systems and armored vehicles, and to destroy fortifications.

The new Chinese aircraft is capable of cooperating with helicopters in carrying out combat missions, including directing missile attacks carried out by these helicopters against ground targets, providing fire support to them in times of need, as well as providing ground forces with intelligence information.

This plane can take off and land quickly from flat terrain such as plateaus.

This plane has two AR-1 surface-to-air missiles, which are placed under its wings, while the reconnaissance device is located under the main part of the plane.

The new drone was displayed at the Sixth China Helicopter Exhibition in Tianjin Province, northern China.

The Chinese ground forces did not reveal who developed the new drone, but observers believe that its compatibility with AR-1 missiles means that it was designed according to previous models of drones such as the “Caihono-no-no-no-no-ng-4.” It is the best-selling Chinese military drone in international markets, having been sold to more than 10 countries.

It is noteworthy that the Chinese International Academy of Aerospace Aerodynamics developed this model, which can fly for 30 continuous hours.



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