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Lebanon: Clashes in Beirut between participants in the “Freedom March” and their opponents

The young men who rejected the move went to the Minister of the Interior to give the order to cancel it immediately

توجه الشبان الرافضون للتحرك إلى وزير الداخلية لإعطاء الأمر بإلغائه فوراً

Participants in a demonstration that took place in the center of the Lebanese capital, Beirut, today, Saturday, under the title “Freedom March,” were attacked, kicked and beaten by a group of young men under the pretext that this march supports homosexuality.

Confrontations took place between a number of participants in the “march” and young men on motorcycles who tried to prevent them from advancing, rejecting “all types and manifestations of abnormality in the streets of Beirut,” as they put it.

The Lebanese LBC television station reported that "riot control forces brought their vehicles into Riad Solh Square and are working to gather the demonstrators in the Freedom March inside the vehicles to get them out of the square where they are trapped."

A group had called for a march to "support freedoms", to start today at four in the afternoon from Riad Al-Solh Square towards the Ministry of Interior in the Sanayeh area.

The young men who rejected the movement went to the Minister of Interior, Bassam Al-Mawlawi, to give the order to cancel it immediately, “because we will prevent the march from taking any route in Beirut and we will confront its participants.”



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