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Losses in the ranks of the Israeli army

The Israeli army is secretive about its “expanded” ground operation in Gaza, but parts of its strategy have become clear in recent hours.

يلتزم الجيش الإسرائيلي السرية بشأن عمليته البرية "الموسعة" في غزة، لكن أجزاء من استراتيجيته أصبحت واضحة في الساعات الأخيرة.

Two Israeli sources told Axios that two armored and infantry divisions numbering more than 20,000 Israeli soldiers have entered the Gaza Strip since the start of the operation on Friday.

The sources say that the Israeli army is also using intelligence sources on the ground to try to locate the hostages and free them.

Israeli officials acknowledged that the battle to "destroy" Hamas would be "long and difficult" and would undoubtedly result in the deaths of many Israeli soldiers and Palestinian civilians.

Urban warfare is often difficult, and is expected to be particularly so in Gaza due to Hamas's massive tunnel system.

Israel is under increasing pressure to protect Palestinian civilians facing violent Israeli military bombardment and a worsening humanitarian crisis.

There is also the possibility of expanding the war to another major front, especially along the Israeli-Lebanese border if Iran-backed Hezbollah fully joins the fight.

It is not entirely clear what Israel intends to do if it achieves its goal of destroying Hamas.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant said earlier that Israel wants to establish a "new security system in the Gaza Strip," but Israel did not detail what exactly that means, including who will rule the region if Israel succeeds in dismantling Hamas.

On Tuesday, the Israeli army spokesman announced the killing of two Israeli soldiers in the Gaza Strip:

Sergeant Roy Wolf, 20 years old, from Ramat Gan, a fighter in the Givat patrol, was killed in a battle in the northern Gaza Strip.

Sergeant Lavi Lipschitz, 20 years old, from Modi'in Maccabim Re'ut, a fighter in the Givat patrol, was killed in battle in the northern Gaza Strip.



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