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Messi's absence from Inter Miami continues to turn into a mystery

The mystery of Lionel Messi's injury continues, as Inter Miami's coach ruled the Argentine international out of his team's match against New York City on Saturday evening.

تواصل غيابات ميسي عن إنتر ميامي يتحول الي لغز غامض

“The Flea” now missed five matches last September, including a match for the Argentine national team.

No clear reasons were given about Messi's absence and the extent of his injury, but it was previously reported that he was suffering from "muscle fatigue," while Argentine Inter coach Gerardo "Tata" Martino spoke of "effects" from an old injury.

The former Barcelona and Argentina coach said that he expects Messi (36 years old) to participate at some point in the next five remaining matches for Miami in the regular season of the American League.

He added: "He will definitely play before the league ends. We will follow each match individually and see how things will go and whether the medical team can give him approval to play without any risks."

Some of the team's fans were not shy about announcing their frustration over Leo's absence, which caused Inter Miami to draw 1-1 against New York City in the American League, on Saturday evening.



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