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Muhalhal Al-Mudhaf to the Prime Minister: You do not realize your responsibilities

Muhalhal Al-Mudhaf to the Prime Minister: You do not realize your responsibilities.. and you do not know the limits of your powers.. and you do not know about the government

MP Muhalhel Al-Mudhaf said today, Sunday, that the answers of His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nawaf, Prime Minister, to parliamentary questions directed to him are "bad and transcend the constitution."

Al-Mudhaf was surprised, in a statement at the Media Center of the National Assembly, at the refusal of His Highness the Prime Minister to answer a question about the general policy of the state or the resignation of the Minister of Finance on the grounds that “the competent minister is asking about it.”

And he added, "Your Highness, the Prime Minister, your refusal to answer this question means that we are facing a prime minister who does not realize his responsibilities, and does not know the limits of his powers..

And that you do not know about the government and what is administered in it.. This confirms that what is rumored that someone else runs the government is true.. I conclude, Your Highness the Prime Minister: I am still working with you to achieve the public interest and reach real cooperation for a renaissance Kuwait and to return to what it was.. and if we have overcome the mistakes of the past, we are not ready to repeat the same previous mistakes.. but unfortunately, you are still listening to the faithful and those who see that the interest is for the person and not for the people.

Al-Mudhaf attached his video statement to a tweet in which he said, "Your repetition of the mistakes of the previous stage by transcending the constitutional tools and caring for the interests of individuals at the expense of the interests of the people, and continuing to ignore listening to the faithful is what determines the nature and direction of the political relationship.



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