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Neymar: Messi left in a bad way... Vinicius is an upcoming leader

نيمار: ميسي رحل بطريقة سيئة.. فينيسويس قائد قادم

- Neymar: Messi left in a bad way... Vinicius is an upcoming leader... and Deniz is better than Ancelotti to coach Brazil

Brazilian Neymar, a player for the Saudi Al Hilal team, confirmed that Messi left Paris Saint-Germain in a way he did not deserve, indicating that he preferred someone else to train Brazil over Ancelotti.

Neymar said in statements via geglobo: “Messi left Paris Saint-Germain in a way he did not deserve. Anyone who knows him knows that he is a man who trains, fights, and if he loses he gets angry, and he has been accused unfairly in my opinion.”

He added: "But at the same time I was very happy that he won the World Cup. As I said, football was fair this time. Messi deserves to end his career this way."

He continued: "I see Vinny and Rodrigo as high-quality players, two stars, and I am sure that they will take on the leadership role. I have never been a selfish man. Quite the opposite. The more heroes you have on your team, the better your team is, and I am happy that they have reached this level." “They are already at this level, and they are helping the Brazilian national team, which is very important. They are friends, and I talk to them a lot.”

He added: “Racism is a sad thing. Our world today has changed a lot, and this prejudice against color, against anything no longer applies, and it is very sad to see a friend go through this, and I have gone through this and I have always tried to deal with the matter very lightly, and this is what I am talking about.” About him with Vinny.”

He pointed out: “I hope to win the World Cup, and I clearly hope that one day I will be able to achieve my biggest dream, but sometimes that does not happen. We have a man in Brazil who is considered one of the biggest stars, and one of the biggest names in the history of the country, Brazil, and he is Zico, and he does not "He has the World Cup, that doesn't justify the quality and talent he had."

He continued: “Everyone has his own competence and value. Just because you are in Europe does not mean that we are better because we play there. I do not know much about the name they are speculating about - Carlo Ancelotti - there was also another coach from Brazil that I thought was, in my opinion, the ideal man for the team today.” "He is Fernando Diniz. I admit it because he is a great coach. His path with the Brazilian national team will be very good."

He concluded: “I am speaking here, but I do not know anything, and I have never spoken to the president or anyone. If it were Ancelotti, he would be received very well, as he is a famous man who has won everything in his career.”



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