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Police officers are continuing to arrest drug dealers and smugglers

A gang formation of (8) people was arrested who attempted to smuggle (140) kilograms of narcotic hashish and (50,000) Captagon pills and bring them into the country by sea.

The General Administration of Security Relations and Media at the Ministry of Interior stated that as part of the efforts of the Criminal Security Sector in arresting outlaws and continuing to take the necessary measures to dry up the sources of smuggling and trafficking in narcotic substances, the General Administration of Narcotics Control was able to arrest a gang formation consisting of (8 people) a citizen and five national defendants. The Asian woman and two accused illegal residents attempted to smuggle (140) kilograms of the narcotic hashish and (50,000) Captagon pills and bring them into the country by sea.

The administration explains that through intensifying search and investigation operations, the police officers obtained information indicating that two people had attempted to smuggle a quantity of narcotic drugs and bring them into the country by sea. By collecting information and monitoring the accused around the clock, the necessary legal permission was obtained and they were arrested, and when they confronted them, they admitted and confessed to bringing (5 ) Bags containing about (120) kilograms of hashish and (50) thousand Captagon tablets.

Information was also obtained indicating the arrival of a ship loaded with a quantity of narcotic substances, and after taking the necessary measures, it was monitored after its arrival into the country, and (4) people of Asian nationality were arrested, involved in the process of bringing (20) kilograms of narcotic hashish, hidden in a secret manner. They were also seized. The ship's recipients turned out to be two illegal residents, and they were found in possession of (30) grams of the narcotic substance Shabu.

The administration confirms that the accused and the seized items are being referred to the competent authorities in order to take all necessary legal measures against them. It calls on everyone to cooperate with the security personnel and report any negative phenomena on the emergency phone (112) and the hotline of the General Administration for Drug Control (1884141).



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