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Positive results for girls in rhythmic gymnastics at “Croatia International”

The Kuwaiti girls' rhythmic gymnastics team achieved positive results in the Croatia International Championship, whose competitions were held during the period from the 12th to the 15th of this month, amid wide participation from 15 countries.

نتائج إيجابية لفتيات الجمباز الإيقاعي في "كرواتيا الدولية"

Player Sarah Al-Bannai won two silver medals in the hoop and club competitions and ranked fourth in the overall individual competition in the “Pro Junior” category, which witnessed the participation of 24 players, while player Nour Al-Ruzaihan participated in the “Junior” category competitions and gave an outstanding performance amid strong competition with 31 players.

Player Raya Al-Qassar, who competed with 14 other players, came in fourth place in the freestyle performance competition at level “A,” while her colleague Nabila Al-Kharafi also came in fourth place in the ball performance competition at level “A.”

On the other hand, the Kuwaiti Gymnastics Federation praised the efforts of the female players in this strong international tournament, adding that the aim of participation is to develop the level of the female players and provide opportunities for interaction with different and advanced schools in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics.

The Federation explained that the Croatian Championship witnessed wide participation from the countries of Slovakia, Italy, Georgia, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Latvia, Austria, Bosnia, Moldova, Australia, Canada, in addition to Kuwait and the host country.

The federation noted that Ukrainian coach Irina Kovalchuk has drawn up a long preparation plan for the team that includes participation in a series of international tournaments with the aim of bringing the players to the best levels, stressing its endeavor to provide all the elements of success for the girls’ team, which achieves promising and wonderful results in international tournaments.

نتائج إيجابية لفتيات الجمباز الإيقاعي في "كرواتيا الدولية"

نتائج إيجابية لفتيات الجمباز الإيقاعي في "كرواتيا الدولية"



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