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Recommendations of the Public Cleaning Contracts Committee in the Kuwait Municipality

· Re-evaluating contract terms and specifications to match actual needs.

· Activate the complaints application and link it to the cleaning companies contracted directly with.

· Setting standards and linking inspectors’ evaluation to the level of cleanliness of the area.

· Forming a four-part committee among the relevant authorities to cooperate in cleaning and safety work.

19 توصية نتيجة لجنة متابعة وتقييمعقود النظافة العامة في بلدية الكويت

The Committee for Follow-up and Evaluation of Public Cleaning Contracts issued its recommendations, which amounted to 19 recommendations, the most prominent of which is re-evaluating the terms and technical specifications to suit the actual needs according to the nature of each area and finding advanced means, alternatives and specifications for sweeping and cleaning work using modern and developed mechanisms and equipment and reducing the human element.

The Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Minister of State for Communications Affairs Fahd Ali Al-Shuala issued a ministerial decision to form Committee No. 273 of 2023 regarding monitoring and evaluating the work of public cleaning contracts for all governorates with the aim of assessing the situation and level of public cleanliness in the country, studying the reports and observations of the Audit Bureau, and identifying deficiencies in the provision of cleaning services. And develop suggestions, mechanisms and solutions to reduce hygiene violations.

The recommendations stated the necessity of linking the e-Baladia application with the contracted cleaning companies and urgently developing an electronic application for inspectors and converting field inspection work and issuing violations, warnings and pledges to be electronically via smart phones, in addition to preparing a system for evaluating the performance of inspectors by setting clear and specific standards and linking the evaluation of cleaning inspectors. The level of cleanliness in the region, not to mention the automation of field tour forms for inspectors and adding them to the electronic inspection program.

The recommendations indicated taking all procedures and measures, activating work on the electronic messaging system between all center supervisors and cleaning departments, and appointing administrators in all centers with no less than 3 employees per shift to cover and follow up on the center’s administrative work.

The recommendations mentioned the formation of a permanent joint committee between the Kuwait Municipality, the Public Authority for Agriculture, the Ministry of Works, and the Public Authority for the Environment to develop a mechanism for joint work in public cleanliness and safety in the regions, in addition to amending the road regulations regarding abandoned vehicles, increasing the fines resulting from them, raising reservation fees, and accelerating the implementation of the truck parking project. Developing a clear mechanism for monitoring mobile vehicles and identifying locations for licensed vehicles in coordination with the Ministry of Commerce electronically.

The recommendations also touched on assigning the Public Cleanliness Committee to develop a mechanism to establish a service that allows citizens to submit a request to deal with large-sized waste that cannot be accommodated in containers in residential areas, and to provide a service to remove and raise dead animals in coordination with the General Authority for Agriculture and Fisheries, in addition to many recommendations that It will raise the level of public hygiene in all governorates.



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