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Saudi Arabia.. Executing the death sentence on two military personnel convicted of treason

السعودية .. تنفيذ حكم الإعدام في عسكريين أُدينا بتهمة الخيانة

The Saudi Ministry of Defense announced, on Thursday, the execution of the death sentence against two of its employees who were convicted of treason. The Ministry stated in a statement carried by the Saudi News Agency “SPA”: “In compliance with what the Islamic Sharia is keen on uniting the word of the nation and rejecting the causes of division, and what is stated in the Sharia rulings and the applicable regulations regarding the obligation of listening and obedience and not separating from the group or violating the Sharia guardianship, military interests or Breaking the covenant and covenant, this duty is greater if the person has the honor of military service.”

She continued: “Whereas, Lieutenant Colonel Pilot Majid bin Musa Awad Al-Balawi and Chief Sergeant Yousef bin Reda Hassan Al-Azouni, employees of the Ministry of Defense in their military capacity, committed a number of major military felonies, and were arrested and investigated. The investigation with the first resulted in Convicting him of committing the crime of military treason and not preserving the interests of the nation and the honor of military service, while the investigation with the second resulted in convicting him of committing the crimes of treason in its three forms (high, national, and military) and failing to preserve the interests of the nation and the honor of military service.”

She added: “By referring them to the competent court and providing all the judicial guarantees guaranteed to them, they admitted what was attributed to them, and two judgments were issued against them proving their guilt for what was attributed to them, and sentencing them to death in accordance with the legal and regulatory requirements. The procedures for reviewing the two judgments were completed and approved, and a royal order was issued to enforce them.” What is decided against them?

She explained: “The death sentence was carried out against the aforementioned individuals today, Thursday, under the leadership of the Taif region.”



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