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Speculation about the US embassy warning and the terrorist attack in Moscow: is there a connection?

Speculation and conspiracy theories circulating on social media are generating interest around the US Embassy's warning in Russia at the beginning of March and the terrorist attack that targeted a mall banquet hall near Moscow.

تكهنات بشأن تحذير السفارة الأمريكية والهجوم الإرهابي في موسكو: هل هناك صلة؟

According to CNN sources, US intelligence has warned its Russian counterpart of the threat of ISIS-Khorasan to attack Russia, as intelligence information has flowed since last November warning of their intention to launch attacks.

With specific warnings being issued and the US Embassy in Moscow having to issue a warning to citizens to avoid large gatherings, attention is being paid to whether this warning is directly related to the warning issued by the embassy.

In the same context, Russian official media reported that the Federal Security Service succeeded in thwarting an attack by ISIS on a synagogue in Moscow, and reports confirmed that the attackers were killed in an exchange of fire.

While ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack in Moscow, no evidence has been provided to prove this, leaving authorities searching for the facts behind the claim.

The statement of the US Embassy in Moscow, in which it expressed its shock at the attack, highlights the existing tension and challenges facing security in the region, expressing its condolences to the Russian people for the victims of the terrorist attack.

Attention is now focused on finding out whether there is a link between the previous security warning and the attack that occurred in Moscow, and whether the American alerts carried signs of this tragic incident.



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