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The central device for comparisons

The central device for comparisons

What if a central device for comparisons was created

And several projects are presented in it (for example, establishing schools, building clinics, maintaining roads, providing air conditioners, purchasing computers,,,, etc.)

And the device is specialized in studying the best and not the cheapest

It is now common practice to choose the cheapest prices

And if, for example, you decided to buy a phone that works on the WhatsApp application, maps, and surfing the Internet, and you have a sufficient amount of money

Several stores offered you the devices they have.

iPhone 300

Samsung Galaxy 260

Huawei 240

Xiaomi 200

Nokia 195

Oppo 180

Of course, I would choose iPhone

Although all other devices have the WhatsApp application and maps working

But here we choose the best, not the cheapest

And if we choose the iPhone, it may work with us for more than 3 years

However, some other devices do not last long

Even if we pair the iPhone with other devices

We found many stores that provide everything needed for the iPhone

However, some other devices are not available for it, such as what I save for the iPhone


We recommend

Central Trade-offs Committee

or the Central Agency for Differentials

Since the current situation does not allow for the cheapest prices, as we know that quality is expensive

However, the price of a non-quality one is cheap, and with the passage of time we find that the cheap one has worn out or broken down, and we have to repair or replace it, and here we have paid double the price, and the price of the cheap one has become close to the price of quality, which we did not choose in the past due to its high price.

We also commend the blessed steps taken by the new government by canceling the local agent, which has an impact on obstructing important projects and completing them on time. There is no doubt about the amount of manipulation in public money, and we have a lesson for neighboring countries in the development in terms of development projects.

We also appreciate the proposal of Speaker of the National Assembly Ahmed Al-Saadoun to amend the Public Tenders Law regarding the priority of the national product



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