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The killing of the little girl, Ritaj, is a crime that shook Iraq

قتل الطفلة ريتاج جريمة تهز العراق

The Babil Governorate Police Command, in central Iraq, revealed the arrest of one of the perpetrators of the murder of the 9-year-old girl, Retaj Al-Badiri, in a brutal manner that sparked anger in the country.

Babylon Police added in a statement that preliminary information indicates that one of the parties to the crime was a 36-year-old woman, stressing that the investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

Horrific details

Babylon police announced that the body of a missing child was found, murdered in a gruesome manner inside a house, and its occupants were arrested, noting that it is located in the Alexandria district, north of the governorate.

She added that after receiving a report from the family of a child about her loss, a working team was formed from various security agencies.

The statement continued: “The team, in cooperation with the Video Surveillance Cameras Department, after efforts of investigation, research, and gathering information, was able to find the child murdered and hidden inside one of the rooms of a house in the Alexandria district. Her body was burned, while the team arrested all members of the house.” .

Widespread anger

The horrific crime sparked angry reactions among social media users in Iraq, demanding that the maximum punishment be imposed on the killers of the girl who was killed in a horrific way by burning.

Civil society activists and children's rights groups called for the necessity of quickly passing a law to protect children in Iraq, in light of the escalation of violence against them.

Child rights activist Sarah Jassim said in an interview with Sky News Arabia:

The rates of crimes committed against children have become very high and terrifying, as hardly a day goes by without a murder or abuse being committed against an Iraqi child, whether by his family or by others, being uncovered. This matter now requires urgent parliamentary and governmental action and at the level of society as a whole. To put an end to the blatant humiliation and violation of Iraqi childhood.

The root of the prevalence of these crimes against children is the absence of clear and strict laws to protect them and punish their perpetrators.

This requires accelerating the enactment of binding parliamentary legislation against domestic violence and against violence against children in general.



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