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The North Korean leader praises the superiority of Russian fighters

الزعيم الكوري الشمالي يشيد بتفوق المقاتلات الروسية
Kim Jong Un and Shoigu during a visit to the Russian fighter aircraft factory

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un arrived today, Saturday, in Vladivostok, in the far east of Russia, where he was received by Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, less than 24 hours after he visited a factory that produces Russian warplanes.

Kim Jong Un, who has been visiting Russia since Tuesday on his first trip abroad since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, arrived at Knevichy Airport in Vladivostok from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, according to what was announced by the Russian official news agency TASS.

Kim Jong Un expressed his admiration for the rapid development witnessed by Russian aviation technology, overcoming potential external threats, during his visit to a Russian fighter aircraft factory, according to what the Korean Central News Agency reported on Saturday.

On Friday, Kim inspected the Russian fighter aircraft factory as part of a visit that Washington and its allies fear will strengthen the Russian army in Ukraine and support Pyongyang's missile program.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Kim discussed military issues, the war in Ukraine and deepening cooperation when they met on Wednesday.

Kim's tour included:

Meeting the test pilots in the fighter aircraft fuselage assembly workshop.

Board a Su-57 aircraft to hear a detailed explanation of the technical specifications and flight performance of the fifth generation fighter aircraft.

Climb aboard a factory-produced aircraft to learn about its performance and watch the test flight of a Su-35 fighter jet.

Together with Shoigu, he inspected the MiG-31E missile carrier and Kinzhal hypersonic missiles.

During the visit, he was briefed on the Tu-160 strategic missile-carrying bomber, the Tu-95MS strategic missile-carrying bomber, and the Tu-22M3 long-range supersonic bomber.

The Kremlin said on Friday that Russia and North Korea did not sign any agreements on military matters or in any other areas during Kim's visit to Russia this week.

South Korea and the United States said on Friday that military cooperation between North Korea and Russia is a violation of United Nations sanctions on Pyongyang.



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