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The Reds' goal was disallowed.. The Referees Association makes justifications

The decision not to award a goal for Liverpool against Tottenham Hotspur due to offside, on Saturday evening, sparked great anger among the Reds staff and fans.

أثار قرار عدم احتساب هدف لفريق ليفربول أمام توتنهام هوتسبير بداعي التسلل، مساء السبت، غضبا كبيرا في صفوف طاقم وجماهير "الريدز".

During the round-robin match between Liverpool and Tottenham, the match referee canceled a goal that appeared to be valid, when the result indicated a goalless draw in the first half. Egyptian star Mohamed Salah passed an accurate pass to his Colombian teammate, Luis Diaz, who went one-on-one and scored a goal.

But the goal was canceled due to the video technology decision, which declared that Diaz was offside, even though all replays showed that the player was in a healthy position and not offside.

The Rulers Association is justified

Immediately after the end of the match, the Professional Referees Association admitted the error of not counting the goal, and said in a statement:

  • The Professional Referees Association acknowledges that significant human error occurred during the first half of the Tottenham-Liverpool match.

  • Luis Diaz's goal was disallowed for offside by the match officials on the pitch.

  • This was a clear mistake and the goal was supposed to be scored through the intervention of video technology, but it failed to intervene with a sound decision.

  • The Association will conduct a full review of the circumstances that led to the error.

Klopp denounces injustice

Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp said in the press conference following the match:

  • The goal was disallowed for offside, there was no offside, and the referees drew the lines incorrectly.

  • This is difficult to deal with. I have never seen a match with so many unfair decisions.

  • It's a bit strange.. I'm not in the mood.

  • I'm pretty sure whoever made this decision didn't do it on purpose...but are people in VAR under a lot of pressure?

  • The Referees Association’s recognition will not help in any way. The same thing happened in the match between Manchester United and Wolverhampton.



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