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The role of youth in promoting human investment and achieving sustainable development

دور الشباب في تعزيز الاستثمار البشري وتحقيق التنمية المستدامة

Youth represent one of the most important groups in society, characterized by vitality and the ability to positively influence the course of economic and social development. Investing effectively in youth is crucial to building a sustainable and prosperous future.

In this article, we will explore the role of youth in promoting human investment and how sustainable development can be achieved by empowering them and developing their capabilities.

The role of youth in human investment

Young people have many potentials and abilities, and it is important to invest these abilities in developing skills and knowledge. Young people can make the most of education and training and develop their personal and professional capabilities.

Challenges and opportunities for human investment for youth

Young people face challenges such as unequal education and difficulty accessing employment opportunities. However, there are great opportunities awaiting them in the areas of technology, entrepreneurship and innovation. Young people also show great potential in achieving social and environmental changes.

Practical examples and successful models

We'll look at some examples of young people who are making a positive impact on their communities and economies. We will share success stories that inspire young people and encourage them to innovate and work for change.

The role of governments and institutions in supporting human investment for youth

We will look at the role governments and non-profits can play in providing infrastructure and opportunities for young people. We will review examples of successful policies and initiatives in this context.


Youth can be key to promoting human investment and achieving sustainable development. We must support and empower youth to be a driving force in building our societies and achieving economic and social development goals.



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