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The summit of the "77 + China" group in the Cuban capital, Havana, concludes its work

The G77+China summit in the Cuban capital, Havana, concluded on Sunday with criticism of the "unfair" global economic system.

قمة مجموعة الـ "77 + الصين" في العاصمة الكوبية هافانا تختتم أعمالها بانتقاد النظام الاقتصادي

It also approved a joint declaration that included 116 countries that committed to strengthening South-South cooperation and demanded an end to the US blockade on Cuba. The countries that signed the joint declaration rejected “the imposition of laws and regulations with an extraterritorial effect and all other forms of coercive economic measures, including unilateral sanctions against countries.” developing countries," and reiterated "the urgent need to abolish it immediately."

In the 46-article, 7-page declaration, participating countries criticized the “unjust” global economic system.

She stressed "the urgent need for comprehensive reform of the international financial architecture, and a more comprehensive and coordinated approach to global financial governance that includes greater representation of developing countries in global decision-making and policy-making bodies."

She called on countries to end "technological monopolies" and urged the promotion of their transfer to achieve "scientific and technological development that benefits everyone."

In their final declaration, the countries also stressed the importance of “eliminating poverty in all its dimensions.”

The summit, which was held under the auspices of the United Nations, was attended by 1,300 representatives from 116 countries and 12 multilateral blocs, including 31 heads of state and many ministers.

Among those attending were Argentine President Alberto Fernandez, Colombian President Gustavo Petro, and Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, along with United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

On Friday, Guterres opened the summit with a speech in which he said, “The world is failing developing countries.”

Organizing this event represented a major logistical and economic challenge for Cuba, which is experiencing serious economic and political difficulties exacerbated by the Corona pandemic.



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